Thursday, March 31, 2016

Episode 049: Seth's Torpedo w/ Casey McLain and Aaron Kirby

Guys it's April fools but this post is no joke! Against my better judgement I did not paste an ever increasing audio track of earth wind and fire over this episode! And trust me it is a great episode, you'd be a real turd-salad to miss it!

Offspeed Podcast hosts Casey McClain and Aaron Kirby return in a magnificent attempt to sink our podcast. We talk about democractic caucus, Batman Vs. Superman, and Hardcore Henry. Compliments are paid mostly toward Seth's junk and Aaron defends his title in another round of nerd trivia!


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Hosts, Recorders, Producers, etc.: Taylor Bonzer (@taylorbonzer) and Seth Fernandez (@kistu)

Guests: Casey McLain (@TheCaseyMcLain) and Aaron Kirby (@therealkirby)

Intro Music: Aho444 by Sabrepulse, off the Album "Nintendokore"

Outro Music: Corrosion City by Kubbi, off of the Album "Sleet". Also please check out Kubbi's Music at He has a new album called Ember that is also great.

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